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Shrinathji’s idol was brought to Rajasthan from Govardhana near Vrindavan to protect it from the hands of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who in 1665 was bent upon vandalizing the area of Vrindavan by widespread destruction of Hindu temples. When the Mughal army came to Govardhana, the devotees of the Lord showed them the titles and gifts given to the temple by the previous Mughal rulers. The army commander then ordered the deity to be taken away from Govardhana. For almost six months the statue stayed in Agra after which the custodians of the idol of Shrinathji left that place with the idol in search of a new heaven.

While several other princes were diffident, it was Maharana Rajsingh of Mewar who dared to provide refuge. The idol went on a journey to Mewar which took 32 months to complete. The decision to settle the Lord here at Nathdwara involves an interesting story. When the wheel of the chariot carrying the Lord got stuck in the mud at a place called Sihar, the Rana saw it as a divine sign that Lord Krishna wished to settle here, and thus a temple was built at this spot and the holy township of Nathdwara grew around the temple

In 1672 Lord Shrinathji was placed in a new Temple built in village Sihad, now called Nathdwara, on the banks of river Banas.


Q How to reach Nathdwara By Rail

The nearest Railway Station is Mavli Jn. which is 30 kms. far from Nathdwara and Udaipur City Railway Station is 50 kms. far from Nathdwara Town. Regular Trains from Udaipur City and Mavli Jn. are available for Ahmedabad, Gwalior and Jaipur and also available alternate day for Mumbai & New Delhi. The Udaipur -Bandra (Mumbai) and Udaipur New Delhi Trains are proposed to be six days in a week.

Q How to reach Nathdwara By Air

Nearest airport to Nathdwara is Udaipur, which is at a distance of about 60 km away. Regular buses and taxis ply to Nathdwara from Udaipur. Many domestic airlines connect the city to most of the major cities in India including Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai. Regular flight services are available from Udaipur to Delhi and Mumbai. Taxi services are offered at a rate of Rs 700 from airport to Nathdwara city.

Q How to Reach Nathdwara By Bus

Nathdwara can be accessed by state owned buses from neighboring cities including Udaipur. Rajasthan Roadways operates public bus services between Udaipur and other major cities in Rajasthan. Volvo super deluxe buses are available from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad to Udaipur

Q Any good hotels to stay nearby temple

Nathdwara Temple board has started central Reservation office at Nathdwara to provides confirmed Cottages/Blocks booking facilities to Vaishnavas. Vaishnavas can book accommodations before 7 days of arrival. Vaishnavas has to sent DD/Cash of certain amount and get confirmed booking. Vaishnavas can also book Cottage/Block from Outside Bhandars.

Contact Rakesh M. Joshi
Phone No. 02953-233677

Other options are:
New Cottage - 02953-233485
Shri Damodar Dham - 02953-233833
Dhiraj Dham - 02953 233 066
Dehliwali Dharamshala - 02953-231443
Delwarawali Dharamshala - 02953-233677
Bisanima Dharamshala - 02953-231446
Daya Bhawan Dharamshala - 02953-233677
Keshav Bhawan Dharamshala - 02953-233677
Laxmi Nivas Dharamshala - 02953-233677
Chhoti Dharamshala - 02953-233677
Sakhi Bai Dharamshala - 02953-233677

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